+10 Big companies with their own (and valuable) NFTs

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Yes, we know. Everyone seems to have their own Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) these days. But the popularity doesn’t always mean that very big companies are interested or want to take new risks. Indeed, it took almost a decade for them to start using blockchains and cryptocurrencies. However, the NFTs won this time because numerous companies already have their own versions.

As we may remember, NFTs are thematic and collectible tokens. They have a unique trace on some blockchain, and their value can skyrocket quickly — just like physical artworks. Companies worldwide are using them as rewards for their customers or simply as opportunities to have something special from them. Let’s explore some of it.

Marvel and DC

Comic fans are very keen to have any merchandising or special item of their heroes, so, Marvel and DC wouldn’t waste the chance. Some scams preceded the real issuing of these tokens by the companies, but now they’re here for sure. Marvel is been creating and selling NFTs of their iconic characters and comic numbers since August 2021, at $40 — $400 for each one.

Marvel comics as NFTs. Source: Marvel

They chose the VeVe Marketplace, probably because of their greener politics about the tokens. So far, Marvel has issued NFTs of Spider-Man, Captain America, Marvel Comics #1, Journey into Mystery #85, Fantastic Four #1, Night Nurse #1, Strange Tales #180, What If #105, and more. They’re constantly releasing new ones on VeVe.

As for DC, they gave away several NFTs during the last FanDome in October 2021. They prepared at least three artworks (from common to legendary in rarity) featuring heroes like Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn. The only thing asked in exchange was to register for the event and share it on social media.

DC NFT drop. Source: DC

To make these tokens, DC chose the platform Palm, connected to Ethereum. Additionally, this year, AMC Theaters issued new NFTs about Batman on this same platform. They were a reward for purchasing cinema tickets for “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson, which premiered on March 3, 2022.

Adidas and Nike

The clothing brands jumped to the NFTs in December 2021. Adidas partnered with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), PUNKS Comic, and gmoney to wear these characters digitally with their new “Adidas Originals / Into the Metaverse”. They minted 30,000 NFTs linked to special physical merch and designs for the owners. So, they put for sale 29,620 of them at 0.2 ETH each (around $765). This way, in a matter of hours, Adidas earned $22 million.

Adidas ape Indigo Herz. Source: Adidas

In addition, the company bought its own Bored Ape, dubbed “Indigo Herz” (#8774). And they hinted that was only the beginning: “Holding an Into the Metaverse NFT unlocks future digital and physical benefits”, reads their FAQ.

For its part, Nike didn’t want to just mint or buy some NFTs. Instead, they bought an entire company dedicated to making NFT sneakers and other collectibles: RTFKT. They already have an entire collection of digital and unique sneakers on OpenSea, with prices between 5 ETH ($15,500) and 70 ETH ($217,600).

But this doesn’t mean that Nike doesn’t have its own NFT collection. Tinker Hatfield, Nike’s Vice President for Design and Special Projects, partnered with Division Street this year to launch a new NFT collection dubbed “Ducks of a Feather”.

To accompany every NFT, Hatfield designed an exclusive physical pair of Nike Air Max 1 sneakers with the colors of the University of Oregon (since the collection was to benefit its athletes). The ducks are available on OpenSea now, from 4 ETH ($12,400) to 808 ETH ($2.5 million).

Lamborghini and Porsche

“Lambo” is, indeed, a slang term in the crypto world for getting rich. So, it was to be expected that this famous car brand would get involved sooner or later. Last January, they revealed their plan about it: the first set of NFTs titled “Space Time Memory”. To make it possible, they collaborated with the Swiss artist Fabian Oefner and the business platform NFT Pro.

The NFTs for themselves are five different moments of the same Aventador LP780–4 Ultimae abandoning Earth towards black space. It wasn’t done fully in digital. Instead, the artist captured 1,500 individual parts of the car, while the Earth’s curvature was pictured by a weather balloon equipped with a camera at the edge of the stratosphere.

Space Time Memory — T+0075S by Fabian Oefner. Source: Lamborghini

Besides, every NFT is accompanied by a “Space Key”: carbon fiber panels that were sent to the International Space Station back in 2019. Each of them contains a QR code to access the artwork. This “pack” was auctioned in February and sold between $70,000 and $203,000. Not as much as a physical Lamborghini Aventador (+$500k), but very significant.

Last August 2021, Porsche also had its chance inside NFTs: “Peter Varga, Head of Exterior Design at Porsche in Weissach, combines two iconic Porsche models in this exclusive freehand sketch: the all-electric Taycan Cross Turismo and the legendary 911,” reads the announcement. This NFT-sketch (accompanied by its physical version) was sold on Rarible for 30.25 ETH (around $90,000). The proceeds were to the charity Viva con Agua.

Hasbro and Funko

The toy factories have a lot of brands under their sleeves (and toys). So, Hasbro decided to debut in NFTs during October 2021. They have now a Power Ranger collection in the WAX blockchain, with NFTs initially sold at $199 each. Besides the digital art, the price also included a physical version in a special edition of Zord Ascension Project Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord. This collectible would arrive from August 2022 to the buyers.

Hasbro Megazord NFT. Source: Hasbro

Meanwhile, Funko is on it since July 2021. They have their own NFT marketplace (Droppp) based on the WAX blockchain as well. Funko Digital Pop offers packs of NFTs featuring their characteristic figurines, starting from $10 each. They’re usually accompanied by the loved physical version. So far, users can find here digital Funkos of Iron Maiden, Star Trek, Bob Ross, Nickelodeon Cartoons, Transformers, and more.

Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and McDonald’s

Fast food is here too. By the end of July 2021, Coca-Cola released its “Friendship Box NFT”. It contained four exclusive NFTs as Metaverse-reimagined Coca-Cola merchandising: a bubble jacket, a sound visualizer, a friendship card, and a vintage cooler. The jacket could be used by avatars in Decentraland, while the cooler would come with its physical version. The company sold them for 217 ETH (around $575k). By now, only the cooler is at 1,000 ETH ($3 million) on OpenSea.

Pepsi didn’t want to be left behind, so they released their own NFT collection in December 2021. However, instead of selling it, they decided to give it away for anyone to mint on Ethereum. Their “Pepsi Mic Drop” features 1,893 microphones with different styles, in honor of the musical roots and flavors of the brand. The initial costs were zero (only gas fees for minting), but now their floor price is at 0.42 ETH ($1,300) on OpenSea.

Finally, we can talk about the elusive McRib of McDonald’s. This is a barbecue-flavored pork sandwich sold periodically by the chain. It was launched in 1981, but, due to poor sales, it was removed as a permanent item. It’s still around sometimes, though, and now it’s also available as an NFT. McDonald’s gave away ten digital McRibs in November 2021 via Twitter. Now, they’re offered for $1.3 million on Rarible.

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