Pages on WordPress can earn Ethereum with a new plugin

There’s out there a lot of people and companies using WordPress as their main content management system (CMS) to build their blogs, media, corporate sites, or webpages in general. Indeed, according to Creative Minds, WordPress represents “a whopping 63.1% of the CMS market”. And now it’ll let its users earn Ethereum (ETH) as well.

This can possible with a new open-source plugin dubbed “ EthereumAds”. This one aims to be an alternative to services like Google AdSense. By the simple addition of said plugin on the selected WordPress website, the owner can start to monetize their visits through customized ads that’d be paid in ETH.

EthereumAds system includes the use of smart contracts every two weeks to open auctions for the spaces offered by the WordPress sites. These spaces will be sold to the highest bidder. Then, the potential earnings will be deposited in the Ethereum wallet provided by the site owner.

The register isn’t necessary. The site admins just need to copy and paste their HTML snippet on the widgets section to start earning Ethereum. As indicated by the developers:

“Monetize your content in under 1 minute by simply adding our HTML snippet to your website or blog (…) Our service is suitable for any content, not just crypto-related, e.g. websites, blogs, videos, even billboards. Just let our open bidding market automatically and continually find the perfect ads for you.”

Additionally, they promise higher revenues by paying fewer commissions. Around 90% will be destined to the site owner, while on Google that’d be barely 68%. The service is running in over 100 sites so far, but it’s still too new to see more results.

Earning cryptos with ads

This plugin seems to be one-of-its-kind for WordPress, but it’s not the only way to earn Ethereum and other cryptos with ads. The Brave browser is maybe the best example of it. Inside this one, the content creators can ask for donations and the users can see ads to get paid some native tokens (BAT).

Besides, some Bitcoin ads networks let content creators, entities, and companies to advertise different cryptocurrency services on their websites and earn some tokens per ad views. Examples of it are Coinzilla, CoinTraffic, Bitmedia, or CoinAd.

The possibilities to earn some cryptos with a website are out there. It’s just a matter of researching and testing the different alternatives.

Featured Image by WorldSpectrum / Pixabay

Originally published at on December 14, 2020.

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