#StoryTime: trade cryptos responsibly and don’t go “Over The Edge”

The harsh truth is, beyond all our feelings and mistakes, we need money to live. Food, housing, clothes, bills, transport… nothing it’s free. We need to work, grab money, spend money and yeah, save money as well because you never know what the future may bring. That’s why trading cryptos responsibly is very important. Cryptos are money and handle money should be a delicate process.

The first direct messages to his Twitter account came six months ago. The pandemic was just starting, but an awful lot of people had bigger fish to fry than the illness itself. The thing dubbed COVID-19 didn’t take lives only. It took away so much more. It took away jobs, it took away money, and left despair instead. He was among the unlucky ones.

“Can you help me? After the lockdown announcements, I lost my job. I had no savings to live off and look after my kids, my partner. I panic traded my family’s investment to nothing. I can’t keep going on with this, man. I can’t tell them. They put everything into the investment and I lost it all. I really can live with this pain no more. Can you please help me? From the bottom of my heart, on my knees begging. Please”.

He was asking from him (from anyone) at least 0.2 BTC in August 2020. By that time, it was around 2,300 dollars. Which means, not exactly some satoshis to give just because you can. He tried and tried, again and again, anyway.

“When I lost my job and having that investment I took the deed upon myself to trade it. I had one great trade and then poof, all gone. All 1.99 BTC. I fell into an absolute spiral of revenge trading. I recall telling my partner, all I need is one trade and we’ll be fine, in order to validate what I was doing to myself (…) Now I have no investment. No money. Nothing left at all”.

Not seen. Again.

“We have no welfare to live off. Just simply fucking nothing. I’m really, really hoping your philanthropic heart would help me out of this one…”

He’d flown too close to the sun, and we’re just wax. He took a family loan to invest it on cryptocurrencies, probably not because he was evil or stupid, but because he had hope. He lost his career. He was falling, and he was trying to dive outside fear and uncertainty to reach the surface before drowning.

Somehow, there’s a way. And again.

“This is fucked. The fact I’m here messaging you this (…) isn’t my nature to do such thing as write poems in hope for attention nor messaging random people like this and ask for help but here I am. There’s a high probability you either won’t see this because you’re probably inundated with messages but to at least try brings a little hope, a guess…”

The months passed by, though. You need to eat. You need a house. You need water, electricity, gas. You, and your loved ones, need. Every day. It’s a kind of blindness. You need, and when you’re needing, your head is incapable to think properly. So, you start to make mistakes. You turn away from possible exits and start to walk backward, to the abyss.

Step by step, and again.

“I’ve been suicidal. I’ve been fine. Suicidal. Fine. Suicidal. Fine. I’ve lost everything, I walk with my head down in tattered shoes and a soulless life. I can’t sustain this anymore. I want the pain leaves…”

Not seen, never seen.

“It’s so fucked. It’s so fucked. Feels like the top of my head is about to explode out. Please!”

A little more begs, and a sudden stop. Some months of silence, and eternal silence. The account of OverTheEdge, created at the same time the DM’s for him started, was abandoned. He didn’t want to reveal his identity, of course. Who would want? He has enough despair to deal with.

Some months of silence, and, finally, seen. Seen as never seen, and seen from inside, forever.

“My partner died in October. This was his account. If you ever see someone like this, just say hello. It might save them (…) Rest in peace, my love”.

The last one wasn’t exactly for him, but everybody in OverTheEdge’s account. Just 12 followers, and some passerby. It was too late now to answer, but with 181.4k followers and an open DM, it was impossible before as well.

“Maybe it’s fake but it’s 6 months’ worth of messages. I believe it, unfortunately. RIP”.

Maybe it’s fake, but it’s familiar. Because it happens all the time, and it shouldn’t. There’s no easy getting-rich-thing, but the contrary. Cryptos are useful. Money is useful. And it should be treated with care.

This is a real story shared by the popular crypto-influencer known as King Cobie (@CryptoCobain), whose real name is Jordan Fish. He had to close his DM after the incident because OverTheEdge wasn’t the only one threatening with suicide if he didn’t receive funds.

Buy Bitcoin and cryptos and listen to your head, not to your greed. Trade cryptos responsibly!

Featured Image by Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

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Alfacash is an 9-year-old trusted cryptocurrency exchange. We offer crypto-fíat and non-custodial transactions, and valuable knowledge in our blog.

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Alfacash is an 9-year-old trusted cryptocurrency exchange. We offer crypto-fíat and non-custodial transactions, and valuable knowledge in our blog.

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