Tomorrow is late: discover now 5 XRP price predictions for 2021

The first thing that may catch our eye about XRP is the fact that it’s the fourth more valuable cryptocurrency per market capitalization, with +10 billion on it. The price, though, isn’t something incredible so far: only 0.24 USD every unit. Nothing you can compare to the other cryptos in the top ten, but still, with nice possibilities for the foreseeable future.

The company Ripple Labs, founded by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb in 2012, was the creator of XRP (known as Ripple as well before 2018). However, the XRP Ledger became open-source since 2013, and the company (Ripple Labs) has made sure to differentiate itself very well from the altcoin (XRP).

According to them, basically, Ripple is “a technology company that provides the most efficient solutions for sending money globally”, and XRP is “an independent digital asset” with its own blockchain. Isn’t mineable, but anyone can buy and sell. So, it goes with the flow of supply and demand, and it has its own “XRP Army” waiting for the great news.

That great news about it may occur in 2021 and beyond. Then, we present to you some outstanding XRP price predictions, because Bitcoin isn’t the only one in the divination club.

Prime XBT / 25 — $200

Their prediction is, at least, 25 USD per token before 2023, pushed mainly by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Besides, considering the international payment systems developed by Ripple Labs are being successful with more than 300 financial institutions all around the world, and they use the XRP as a method of exchange, it’d be possible for this currency to reach even 200 USD per token by 2025.

That’d be an amazing +83.200% increase from now on. Not bad, eh?

TradingBeasts / 0.25 — $0.44

Regarding XRP, the site calculates a low of 0.25 USD per token by 2021, and a high of 0.44 USD per token by 2023. The total increase at the end could be +83%, but we’ll have to wait some years to see if they’re right.

WalletInvestor / 0.20 — $0.041

For them, the XRP will range from 0.20 USD per unit in 2021 (after a crash this year) and barely 0.041 per token in 2025. That’d represent a harsh drop of -83% during the next five years. Maybe it’s missing some fundamental analysis here, but it’s clear WalletInvestor is bearish about XRP.

LongForecast / 0.21 — $0.16

They’re also kind of bearish about XRP. That way, their prediction goes from a low of 0.21 USD per token in 2021 to a high of 0.16 per token in 2024. With the last one, for them, XRP is bond to fall -33.3%. That’s a little less gloomy prediction than WalletInvestor’s, but it’s bad for the long term, anyway.

Robert Art / 10 — $200

For starting, Robert said in 2018 the XRP would reach (on an indeterminate date) 10 USD per token “and beyond”. Two years have passed since then, but he didn’t change his mind. This year, his declaration about it is this one:

“XRP will deliver better returns than Bitcoin. Why? Bitcoin has 16 times the capital invested in it. Moving $8 billion to $80 billion is a lot easier than moving $140 billion to $1.4 trillion”.

Additionally, his brief biography on Twitter declares that he firmly believes in “a $200 XRP”. When? He didn’t say it, but perhaps it’d be during the next years.

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Beyond bullish or bearish predictions, always be careful. Remember: cryptocurrency trading involves risks along with the opportunities. Happy trading!

Originally published at on September 16, 2020.

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