Top 5: Crypto-scams looking for new victims in 2021

Fake Discord giveaways

Fake crypto-giveaway by Crypto24Cap. Source Kaspersky Lab


Expresscoinfx main webpage. Source Screenshot

Bitcoin Up, Evolution, Billionaire, and so on

Bitcoin Billionaire screenshot.

Romance crypto-scams

Fake emails

Phishing email with Source Screenshot

Don’t fall for crypto-scams

  • Don’t share too much information about your crypto-finances on public sites (like social media).
  • If someone is offering you unbelievable amounts of money (as a giveaway or as an investment), don’t believe them so quickly. Take your time to make detailed research.
  • About that research: never check only one review/source. Ask questions, and consult pages like ScamAdviser to measure the risk.
  • The scammers can show up everywhere (including dating apps). That’s why you should never trust unknown people online, let alone if they ask you for money.
  • Trade responsibly and don’t let greed guide you!



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