Top 5: Weirdest Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) minted to date

The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are becoming more and more popular these days. They’re, basically, digital art or collectibles registered inside a blockchain. You’re probably imagining some digital drawings, paintings, and, of course, collectibles like the classic CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks. But we’re here to talk about the weirdest NFTs available to date.

We already told you how to make your own NFTs, and listed the most expensive NFTs sold to date. Now it’s time to see the weird offers in the NFT market, either because of its theme or (especially) because of its non-common building methodology. Not everything is paintings, drawings, or digital pets. Anything could be this kind of art. So, find out what we’re talking about below.

NFTP by Charmin

“Charmin” is ringing a bell to you? It sounds like a toilet paper brand, maybe? Well, it is. And yes, they have their own NFTs, about, you know, toilet paper. As they said, this is “digital TP art celebrating Charmin’s mission to help everyone Enjoy the Go both in real life and virtually”. To be fair, CoinMarketCap thought about this first.

In Charmin’s case, they issued six weird NFTs and put them on Rarible. Each one of those NFTs is some kind of toilet paper roll, created by artists like Donna Adi, Shanee Benjamin, and Made by Radio. Every piece came with a physical painting as well. They were sold for 3.221 wETH (around $7,315 today) in total. All the proceeds were joined to the $2 million donations by Charmin to the non-profit DirectRelief.

No, they’re not on sale anymore. And, maybe, the NFT #005, a blinking piece showing a bathroom, a roll, and some red bears, looks just a-bit-kind-of creepy.

No Internet by Boys Noize

Talking about creepy things, we have this weird NFT by the German DJ “Boys Noize” (Alexander Ridha) along with the artist “SusBoy”. As we said before, there are not only paintings. The audio and music NFTs are becoming very common too. Artists like Kings of Leon and 3LAU already have their own musical sets. However, what Boys Noize did is something slightly different, to say the least.

The description is “the world without Internet”, and the GIF includes malfunctioning machines, fire, and lightning. But probably the most terrifying part is, indeed, the music. Ridha composed an unsettling, apocalyptic melody for this NFT. After all, since so many systems (including NFTs and cryptocurrencies, by the way) work with the Internet, a real apocalypse would come without it.

“No Internet” is available on SuperRare since October 2020, inside the project “P̷̖̟͉̼͗̅̄̅̇͋̌V̷N̶X̷” and the collection “Hack the System”. Back then, it was sold for only 8.8 ETH (around $3,555). Now, is listed for 30.9 ETH (over $71,000). And Ridha, along with the DJ RAC, is developing his own Audio-NFT marketplace, dubbed “Remix Exchange”.

Cyber Eau de Parfum by Look Labs

How does crypto smell like? Look Labs, a German startup, is trying to answer that. They’ve been developing a new scent that combines “gender-less, metallic, retro, and futuristic elements all in one”. Its main ingredients include juniper berry, lemon, bergamot, and pepper. “Cyber Eau de Parfum” will come in a very nice bottle with OLED lights, and, of course, already has its own weird NFT.

But this isn’t only your common NFT depicting the product. They took the work to “translate” the very scent into the digital world. To do this, Look Labs used near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) — a method to measure the molecular vibrations of physical objects — to extract the wavelengths of the perfume, bottle, and label.

So, you now can have one out of ten nice digital bottles spinning on a black platform (designed by the artist Sean Caruso). Along with it, in the upper corner, you can see how the scent looks like in a graph. According to Jodan Katzarov (Look Labs founder), this isn’t only something anecdotic. He assured: “if we have a machine that can convert back those molecular reflections, we can recreate the scent back”.

Well, that’d be a nice way to preserve the current perfumes for the future. For now, the Cyber Eau de Parfum is pending release, and the NFT is available on Rarible. However, since every NFT will be accompanied by a physical copy, it doesn’t seem on sale yet. The highest bid, so far, is placed on 0.1 wETH (around $233).

Morons by Injective Protocol (and Bansky)

Bansky is a very curious artist himself. We don’t know for sure who he is: we only know he’s British, he started as a street artist, and he loves to make pranks with his own art. So, a painting of what looks like a physical auction of an (inside) painting with the sentence “I Can’t Believe You Morons Actually Buy This Shit” is something usual coming from him.

If this wasn’t weird enough, the crypto-company Injective Protocol decided to make it weirder. Inside a blockchain, it’s very common “to burn” some tokens (make them inaccessible) to increase the value for the rest of the supply. So, Injective Protocol decided to do this… with “Morons (White)” by Bansky. But they literally burned (with fire) the painting, after acquiring it for around $95,000.

The result? They made an NFT of the physical painting (which no longer exists). And they successfully sold it on the OpenSea marketplace for over $382,000. Now, there’s a lot of people on Twitter in horror, while their account (@BurntBansky) has a very clear message on the header: “Yes, we actually burned a Bansky”.

Weird NFTs on the skin

This is not exactly the name of our last NFTs, but something more literal. Last March, the professional female tennis player Oleksandra Oliynykova sold its first NFT. And it wasn’t a nice drawing, but her own right arm and shoulder. Or, to be more specific, “life-time exclusive right for space on my right arm & shoulder (…) The exact size is 15x8 cm”. The owner could resell the space and has the right to ask for a tattoo or body art in that spot.

Oliynykova got over $5,400 for this weird NFT at OpenSea. Sounds like some sort of new body ad for sports? It could be, but it’s also beyond this field. Jason Festa, the founder of the game Upland, is planning to get 34 squares tattooed on his back, like plots of land for sale. Every space will be an NFT designed by the buyer. Each tattoo will start at 1 ETH, and any bids over 3 ETH will have a percentage donated to charity.

Well, we finish here (for now). However, we’re sure that even weirder things are coming.

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Alfacash is an 9-year-old trusted cryptocurrency exchange. We offer crypto-fíat and non-custodial transactions, and valuable knowledge in our blog.

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Alfacash is an 9-year-old trusted cryptocurrency exchange. We offer crypto-fíat and non-custodial transactions, and valuable knowledge in our blog.