TRON, TRC-20 Tether, and TRC-20 USDC are now on Alfacash, Alfacash Store, and ALFAcoins!

Stablecoins and steps

  • First, go to Alfacash or Alfacash Store (EUR) and pick on buying or selling.
  • Next, select TRX, TRC-20 Tether, or TRC-20 USD Coin.
  • Set the amount and choose your favorite payment method.
  • Confirm, and that’s it here!

What can you do with TRON?

  • Use TRON to create new Dapps.
  • Access to Dapps in numerous categories. Games, DeFi, NFTs, marketplaces, wallets, and much more are waiting!
  • Hold to make future profits. TRX is one of the largest coins by market capitalization, and its price increased by over 2,900% since its release.
  • Save money with stability and low fees by using stablecoins on this chain.
  • Buy and sell whenever you want to at Alfacash and Alfacash Store!
  • Receive and handle donations and payments in TRX, USDT, and USDC in your ALFAcoins account!



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